Marine Spatial Planning

MSP is a planning process which lays out a multi-objective, integrated vision to be developed for an area in which ecological, economic and social objectives can be simultaneously accommodated. Based on a number of Caribbean experiences, learn how to appropriate plan and conduct an ecosystem-based participatory MSP process from start to finish in a SIDS context.

This MSP training course will teach you how to conduct a MSP planning process based on a number of Caribbean projects that Dr. Kim Baldwin of MarSIS has conducted.

introduction to marine spatial planning (2 days)

Learn how to apply an ecosystem approach to Marine Spatial Planning. This course reviews the main steps of required to conduct a MSP process, including stakeholder analysis, spatial data collection, conversion and analysis tools useful to create scenarios and support collaborative decision-making processes. 

Collaboratively developing a MSP Vision is one of the MSP steps you will learn as well as stakeholder engagement, Objectives of MSP, Needs assessment, Data acquisition plan, Data creation & validation, Decision Support Tools, Spatial Analysis, Implementation Planning in Dr. Kim Baldwin's training course.

Based on a number of MSP projects in the Caribbean, students will learn:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Visioning/Objectives of MSP
  • Needs assessment
  • Data acquisition plan
  • Data creation & validation
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Implementation planning
                                                                  Existing Marine Management Areas of Jamaica

                                                                  Existing Marine Management Areas of Jamaica